Tired of Using 10 Different Cleaners?

Now you don’t have to!  Tuff-it Out is a cleaning solution that will clean any surface that can get wet.  It also comes in a concentrated formula, which means it will last much longer and cost you less than what you spend on all of your other cleaning agents.



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Dallas Household Cleaner Founders

Greg & Frankie Schaefer – Founders

Hello, my name is Greg Schaefer, the owner and founder of Ever Kleeen Chemical LLC, which proudly sells our non-toxic safe cleaner called TUFF-IT OUT.
I welcome you to our website and hope that you find it useful and informative for your cleaning concerns. I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I came up with the Tuff-it Out product.

In 1993 I started my adventure in chemical sales, and at one point in time, I traveled every state selling a biodegradable product. Having the opportunity to travel every state, I was able to experience, associate, and sale to all types of businesses, families and individuals; not to mention make several friends along the way.

After many years of traveling and working for other companies, I watched and disagreed with the way they treated their employees and customers. I wanted to make a change, and one day I had a vision to make that change happen. In 2001, I decided to start my own business and create my own product based on my experiences and the feedback from all the customers I had met through the past years. My company is structured and operated completely different than other companies out there. Customer service is a must!!! We are a very small & personable company and will manage whatever we can to keep our customers satisfied.

Dealing with the different types of customers throughout the years, I’ve learned what the people do and don’t like about their cleaning products. The #1 concern that I heard over & over was the harsh chemical odors/smells of all the different cleaning agents that are being used; not to mention the hazards that it can cause to your health and skin.

My wife and I made a decision to start up a local, door to door, business that would keep things simple and honest. April 12, 2010 is when Tuff-it Out started getting out into the public. In the short time that Tuff-it Out has been selling, it is now being sold in 2 states, Texas and Utah; progressing rapidly.

Our overall vision is to stay very personable with our customers, providing our best interest to your needs and concerns for a cleaner way of living.

We are located in the Dallas, TX area and will provide a free domonstration (in the Dallas, TX area) for those that are truly interested in our product, Tuff-it Out. We will make sure you know the correct uses & cleaning tools needed to get your projects clean. Tuff-it Out will replace just about every cleaner you use for Residential, Business and even Automotive.

Take the time to explore our website; it will give you, in detail, all the information needed for all those cleaning projects. We welcome any feedback or questions you have and are always open for suggestions & new ideas that will help you the user.

Greg & Frankie Schaefer